Diabolical weather all weekend – the storm that set in today is still lashing bits of tree matter about the place – so no digging for me, in a couple of senses.

Appositely, I have been making do with some reading up on how to tend the vegetable plot:


Dowding is an advocate of the ‘no dig’ method of gardening, which is an interesting approach. It seems quite reliant on having access to barrow loads of compost/topsoil, which currently I don’t, and still requires the removal by fork and fire of, for example, brambles where they present themselves, as they do in abundance in our plot. The previous tenant had let the garden just do its thing, which it turned out was to grow waist high with brambles.

Dowding’s mulching tips are pretty comprehensive, though. I will almost definitely be using the cardboard-boxes-and-woodchip method for lining paths, once the root crowns of the remaining brambles are bagged up. Also, he has sheds of info on other gardening aspects. I am regarding our massive privet hedge border askance, for one example, having read a section on root footprint. The privet may well have to lose a foot or two come summer.

Summer! It feels a long way off, listening to the wind howling about outside. Still, happily, there’s plenty of plot plotting to hatch inside in the interim.

Now, of course, it’s time to dig this: