Brain training apps get a bad press anyway, with accusations of massaged science, perhaps using snake oil. I was talking with a sibling today about the Elevate app (we have the Android OS in common as well as parents).

We have both been enjoying the mental calisthenics offered by Elevate, although I deleted it a while ago because of Android’s annoying memory partition limiting the amount of space for apps.

The OTHER reason I fell out with Elevate was this:


I mean, OK, I can do that, go on.


Right, and…?


OK, so…?


Hmmm, what? I can read without mouthing, thanks. Humming, though?

Maybe this reveals some fundamental flaw in my neurons, but seriously. Following a number of scientific attempts*, all I managed was the first sentence.

Radio on, no probs. Children playing three different games each while the radio’s on, easy. Activities, radio and marching band in the garden, BRING IT. But me, humming? Pffft.

*The number was 2.