This week’s sesh was back on the positive productive side, with a faulty tuner battery identified as another source of the bad vibes (alongside the terrifying yet-undiffused spectral rage of the drama teacher). With our singer entertaining a proper illness and out of action, we took time to tweak our knobs in search of optimal volumes, tidy some of the older songs we’re using to tune and warm up with, shave off some redundant choruses here, halve the length of an intro there…

All very satisfying. With about 10 minutes left, we all decided to just jam something off a chord set we had sitting about and came up with this epic heart-breaking brand new song out of nowhere. We left a-buzz.

This week, I was happy to get further to grips with the distortion pedal, which sat rather nicely with some extensive reverb off the amp. Anyone might think I had been listening recently to the Night Beats.

I just love that kind of 13th Floor Elevators thing, as ver Beats clearly do. I am somewhat chagrined to have missed them on their current tour of the UK. They were round our manor on Friday and I had a prior engagement reading Mr Men stories. But yeah, new album Who Sold My Generation out shortly to get excited about

And a 1, 2, 3, 4!