To rephrase a Douglas Adams line:  time is an illusion, term time doubly so. Saturdays have become a particularly precious day in the week. Devoted to family time, catching up with my eldest time, some light pottering time (garden update imminent), then quality relaxing time, before next week starts getting all watch tappy, meaningful glances at itself on the calendar signifying a brusque ‘oi you, time to get back into work mode, it’s Sunday.’

Today has seemed especially elongated. This evening, we found ourselves hankering for some vinyl. After much rampaging toddler risk assessment, wires were untangled and we finally got the turntable going again.


This was £2 particularly well spent at a car boot sale, a compilation of early Blue Note.


The song playing in the turntable pic above is the Port of Harlem Jazzmen, a very mellow number. Here is the song that kicks off side 2: ‘Profoundly Blue’ by Edmond Hall’s Celeste Quartet. The group features the wonderful Charlie Christian on guitar, and is quite the soundtrack for Saturday night red wine and kids asleep time. Nice!