Finally, seasonal weather. A crisp Sunday, with an exciting dusting of snow, was a perfect setting for a family dander through the Pan Handle (intriguingly named suburban play park, cycle path and dog walkers’ paradise).

Pan Handle trees

Regrettably, there was not enough snow to make the igloo requested by our eldest. However, there was plenty to deck lightly the trees, swings and rooftops. Also, no matter how light the covering, you will always get keen groups out massing for snowbattle. We witnessed a minor snowball skirmish, which the three runners in the pic below were scampering to join. Such enthusiasm has to be applauded. One boy kept throwing himself to the ground shouting ‘Take cover!’, even when there was clearly no incoming.

Boys keep slinging

Other kids followed different agendas. This huge ball was being exported across country somewhere, to form part of some sort of snowhenge:

Big plans

No, really – a good half mile up the path we passed the builder, who turned out to be a very cheery soul called Sam. He agreed to let us capture his Sisyphean endeavour for posterity, before rolling the increasingly leafy sphere off round the corner and on to who knows where.


By the time we came back from the shop the temperature had risen enough to melt the ground layer of snow, but as we ambled, a light breeze sent showers of flakes from the trees on to the path ahead.

We cracked ice shards against the tarmac before heading home to wassail the apple tree in the garden.