I heard the news today, oh boy…

It wasn’t until after the second Bowie song on the bounce came on the radio that I realised something must be up. We had a group moment at work listening to about an hour of his records. Although we tried to get on with whatever we had to do, no one’s mind was really on the job, and all eyes were a little dewy. Drive-In Saturday set me off.

Dame David Bowie had such a wide appeal, I don’t have a lot to add to the millions of words and hearts being poured out. The story of how I came to Bowie, and the videos I would post regarding that, are available to view at this post, Where are we now?, from 2013.

I’m very sad he’s no longer with us physically, but draw some solace from the marvellous sounds and visions remaining.

… blue, blue, electric blue.

The video and lyrics to Lazarus constitute an unarguably poignant final statement by David Bowie.