In the quest for distraction, I have been pretty much unable to stop watching this clip of The Ross Sisters all weekend.

Reading about the Ross Sisters (via ye Wikipedia), it’s hard to believe they chose the stage names Aggie, Maggie and Elmira when they already had the super trio of Betsy Ann, Veda and Dixie. Even better is the detail of their using each other’s names to pass themselves off as older, or perhaps simply to mess with people’s heads in a different way. They look like they’re having lots of fun.

Reading on, one of them met quite an early demise, barbiturates in London at the age of 33, sad to relate.

However, in 1944, it was all about the potato salad, which is probably how they might wish to be remembered. I adore their next-level core and leg strength capacity, alongside the middle one’s pouty frown of admonishment, surely aimed across the years at me as I heave myself lardily about the house in new year chocolate denial.

“Perhaps m’sieur might prefer his salade sans pommes de terre…?”