Took my suit to the dry cleaner ahead of returning to school on Monday (I know, STILL on holiday! Will it never end?).

Had to empty the jacket pockets:


Three Frixion pens (incl. one green, plus refill – highly recommended for all your marking requirements)
Spare contact lenses
Name badge
Treasury tags
Lunch tickets
Reward stickers (unsurprisingly popular, given the school uses the Vivo rewards website)
Sheets of paper (form list, ad hoc spelling tests, random notes)

As a young ‘un, I remember being fascinated by Enid Blyton’s fat junior detective character Frederick Algernon Trottville, rotund leader of the Five Find-Outers (and Dog). He had seemingly bottomless pockets, containing string, penknives, newspapers, snacks… everything a boy crime fighter might need for an adventure (such as The Mystery of the Sighing Schoolmaster, The Clue of the Dwindling Holiday).

Anyway, I thought of Fatty Trottville today as I chucked items on the table and folded the jacket into a carrier.

All of which reminds me, I need to buy pocket tissues. For all those ’20 minutes til the end of Period 8’ runny noses.

‘Sir, can I go to the toilet to get a tiss- oh.’
‘One step ahead,’ chortled Fatty.

(The No Ring O’ Bells Mystery)