It’s January 5th, twelfth night, so Christmas is over officially. Anyone with the halls still decked should shake a leg.

In tribute to Sir Toby Belch – the bon viveur character in Shakespeare’s play named for the occasion – and in the interests of freeing up fridge space for fresh fruit, veg and herbs… in a bit… we celebrate by frying up the last of the Christmas pudding.


Yes, of COURSE it’s being reheated in butter.

The puddin’ was handmade lovingly by J’s dad. A true artist! We’re consuming it with a selection of leftover augmented dairy products (brandy butter, whisky & honey cream, brandy cream…)


Despite the suggested consumption dates on the packaging, the alcohol content has had an impressive preservative effect. (That second clause is  what I expect my coroner’s report to say.)

Verdict… Yummers!

“I am sure care’s an enemy to life.”