Not had time to post this before now, but the day before yesterday I discovered that another person I like has snuffed it. This week, the guitarist (the amazing guitarist) Paco de Lucia died at the age of 66, apparently of a heart attack, while playing on a beach, in Mexico, with his children.


I first heard the music of Paco de Lucia on a tape sent from an overseas friend, as mentioned in a previous post in the Mortal Bath. De Lucia was playing with Al di Meola and John McLaughlin. The tune was Aspan, and here it is, with some helpful video annotations, thanks to YouTube user originalDimer.

If any music deserves the epithet ‘sublime’ (or, after enthusiastic DJ Mary Anne Hobbs, “mindblowing”, “devastating”, etc)…

Sublime. Adios, Paco de Lucia, and many thanks.