News that Google is working on some method of robotically not being evil.

Their stooge chosen partner in this venture is Boston Dynamics, ‘developer of military robots’.

“Boston Dynamics”… Lovers of TV sci-fi excitement Fringe may have spotted where this is going.


If you haven’t seen Fringe, a) you should and b) Massive Dynamic is the name of the giant tech company attempting to mould this world through innovative yet disquieting R and D projects, and corporate asshattery. Google are a bit of an obvious analogy in… well, every way, actually.

I mean, yes, it’s “just” art imitating life imitating art, etc, but along with the sinister Google barges, and the comprehensive data mining… well, I’m getting a bit nervous every time I see a bald guy in a suit.

Gregg Wallace, Weight Observer

Gregg Wallace, Weight Observer