Hard copies!

hard copies

Written letters,
got letters,
inserted photos
recorded things, made covers for them,
sent through the mails.
Made tapes for lovers and friends –
compilations relating the state of the nation
back in whenever it was –
or right now,
how you’re feeling right now,
holding the envelope in your hands
having run a finger under the flap,
slit open the paper,
pulled out the letter,
put the photo on the fridge door where you can see it,
placed the tape in old equipment
(pick up thy Walkman…),
played songs,
some you half know, some you don’t know…
and you love them all.

Something like that, anyway. More to follow on the Castrato Attack Group CD, which is available at Memoirs of an Aesthete but for now suffice to say: heaviosity.

Regards the tape and other pressies, thanks be to JCG at Ten Minutes Hate (proper letter coming at you, obvs). The cassette seems to be a compilation of songs with a ‘walking’ theme, which made me chuckle as I did, in fact, play it in a Walkman.

When I was in the classroom and had a free period and put on the tape, this was the first track, and with the massive rumble of orchestral thunder, louring Yorkshire clouds threw rain against the window.

And the sun shone at the same time. It was, let me assure you, a moment quite far out.

Happy days!