In 2009, I wrote a post called Jade Goody The Musical, about speculative plans to turn the life story of Jade Goody, meta-celebrity, into a musical.

With Britain’s Got Talent legend Susan Boyle hotly tipped to play Goody’s mum, and Richard Gere confirming he had been lined up to play Max Clifford, ‘Goody Goody Yum Yum!: Jade the musical’, is only in need of a talent willing to strip off on stage then simulate fatal cervical cancer before it gets the green light.

(I note with some hindsighted pleasure that my article was published the day before a similar post on The Graun’s website. Mine was also better.)

Anyway, in an unwelcome slight return, I learn that Jade Goody The Musical is now, actually, set to be performed, only instead of a musical it is an opera, and instead of “Jade Goody The Opera” it is to be called “And the Crowd (wept)”.

This pensive title might be an effort to set the brow a little higher, but they would have a long way to go to beat the arching mine is doing.