The BBC provides a comment piece, 2012’s pre-Pre-Budget Report report (“The Autumn Statement”).

In it, James Landale begins by wafting allusively at words by “Hilaire Belloc and the Mötley Crüe.” Belloc’s hapless Jim, who ran away from his nurse and was eaten by a lion, represents Conservative/Lib Dem policies. Labour/Mötley Crüe suggest it is ‘time for change’. The James Landale asserts that:

“It is through this prism that the politics of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement should be viewed.”

Somewhat disappointingly, the prismatic humorous verse/hair metal analogy is not sustained beyond the opening paragraphs. Indeed, sadly, there is precious little humour or rockin’.

The article is perhaps an attempt at aping the Daily Mail school of ‘New Rihanna Bum Outrage’ hit maximisation through extensive and (mis)leading headlines, URLs and carefully captioned images. Such cheap ploys are surely the mark only of desperate attention hounds.

RiRi feels bum underwear stage etc etc etc

RiRi feels bum underwear stage etc etc etc

Whatever the point was, aside from that, the James Landale commits a schoolboy error in assigning Mötley Crüe an unnecessary definite article. AND their first single was ‘Stick To Your Guns’. If you’re going to draw on stuff outside the ‘proper’ frame of reference to make a point, at least develop it properly.

A shame, then, the James Landale. A missed opportunity. It would be great if ‘serious’ commentators went absurdly pop-lit for no good reason all the time. I would find this sort of approach to political discourse much more agreeable.

One might look forward to future op. eds. such as Nick Robinson’s “Trident II: Stanley Holloway or the Iron Maiden?”


What, waste all our lives raising children? To feed ruddy lions? Not me!