As you may have read in a recent Mortal Bath post, I was inspired to re-start a zine I was doing a few years ago, in conjunction with a little light promotering.

Conductive Jelly was a medium for the kind of writing I was doing at the time, which was sort of stream-of-conscious sci-fi wordplay inspired by the sounds I was listening to, or imagined scenes the sounds might track. I used to spend ages in dimly-lit venues feverishly scritching notes in books, on beer mats or on bits of paper towel from behind the bar.

Conductive Jelly came to a halt for a number of reasons, but the main one was that I just started enjoying the sounds, with a subsidiary reason that I didn’t think the words were necessarily adding anything.

However, fourth time around, I thought it’d be much more fun to provide a means for people to take a personal record without having to tear off bits of beer mat or pester hard-working bar staff for cleaning products… thusly, the centre page of CJ4 had some blank spaces for gig goers to record their impressions of the gig in whatever way they saw fit.

Happily, as well as bass and electronics, Tony from Etai Keshiki is a dab hand at drawing, and he contributed this marvellous effort (link to pdf below – I’ll get a pic up asap). I am very happy not only that he bothered, but also that he actually succeeded in capturing the essences of the bands. All of this while waiting to perform, too – great warm-up.


I also note from reading Etai’s facebook page that the gig in York inspired someone to form a band! This also makes me very happy.