One of the sites I like to read, have them in my RSS Live Links thing, is Three Quarks Daily. The other day they had this video link, from someone called Andrew Sullivan, on How to Blog (like Andrew Sullivan).

“If it isn’t updated at least twice a day, it’s not a blog, it’s a website.”

Well, that gave me the fear a bit, I have to say. To me, ‘website’ implies singing and dancing graphics and that, not occasional wordy thoughts on random items. At least I’ve now been edged even closer to having that uber-website I mentioned in the previous post.

It wasn’t, like, proper anxiety, though, not really. However, it did make me have a whisk through the wordpress dashboard to see what I might have started and not finished, what rough nuggets might be polished for display, what tasty treats in the freezer (etc, etc). I also had a glance to the site stats, to see what had piqued my readers’ interests. It was both gratifying and slightly worrying to see that someone had reached this blog website by using the search phrase “is their a cure for the zombie disease”. This despairing cry at the internet led the quester to a slightly impatient article I tapped out in 2009, ‘Zombies are a disease, meet The Cure’.

Reading that again, I was most interested by the titles on the links, which I’d forgotten I learned how to do in a rush of late-onset techie enthusiasm. I was so pleased I came and pressed this out. Thanks, Andrew, and thanks whoever it was fearing the zomblogalypse. Hope it all works out.