As usual, my computing day begins with the BBC News site popping up as homepage. You pays your money…

Today there is a clip of footage from inside the marvellous Cueva de los Cristales, the Cave of Crystals, in Mexico, which suggests more of the sort of great natural world reportage that I have come to demand for my subscription fee.

I would very much like to brave the conditions to see the mineral loveliness as cooed over by Prof Stewart, if it were not for the intrusive synth music echoing round the caverns. A sinister horde of troglodytic New Age musicians, lurking behind every gypsum column, pale hands fluttering over their keyboards and tubular bells, some humidity-wizened Enrique Wakeman fingering his Precious.

Bah! A pox on programme editors thinking that nature needs augmenting with pseudo-ineffable wafts of “In’t t’Cosmos Brilliant!” awestruck tinklings!

Anyway, there are more photos of the lovely geology, sin commentario and subterranean tribesfolk emoting, at the National Geographic. They offer a nod to Superman as well… N.B. I thought of my title before I saw their article, so there so I did so.