Last week the mortal bather was taking a well-deserved holiday from work, with a limping interweb connexion at home, no free papers to fend off and consequent little ability or inclination to find out Things Happening in the World and add my commentary.

Of course, there was radio and tv to keep me informed, so I didn’t miss anything important like Stephen Fry leaving Twitter, the continuing existence of ‘Jedward’ on our screens (cueing myself up for a later article on The Actual Death of Light Entertainment, which may have a different title), and, I discover this morning, the Berlin Wall coming down… oh, that was a repeat. (“…und I did not sink zey would be careless enough to knock down zer Wall again!”)

Relaxed in a “Turkish Bath”, went for a really nice special romantic meal, and watched quite a lot of The Wire. And fireworks in Victoria Park.

The holiday from information was great.