Gordon Brown’s squinty handwriting has caused the mother of (at least)one more deceased soldier annoyance, according to the new soaraway Tory-supporting Sun.

Righteous fury from the also-pro-war Bun, though they at least stop short of accusing Brown of pissing on the Cenotaph

…but calm down, everyone! Broon has already contacted Jacqui Janes [mother of Jamie Janes, the apparently mis-named and unfortunately slain] to say sorry, it say here at the Beeb.

Another of the voguishly swift apologies that reflects the fact that our society is currently operating, as in the old adage my parents used to use, with ‘mouth in top, brain in neutral.’

Anyway, Ed Miliband, one of the Milibank Tower Clones, says of the PM: “I’m sure he will be very upset himself at the upset she’s feeling.”

This is so sad – now I’M feeling upset at the upset the PM probably feels at causing upset. When will it end?

Sorry if this has offended anyone.